My name is Brandon.  I used to be obsessed with Pink Floyd in High School.  So I decided to come up with a nickname that merged the two names, hence Brandoyd.

So what is the purpose of this website, this blog?

First and foremost this site is so I have no more excuses not to write.  Brandoyd.com is a way to force myself to write.  I enjoy writing, and I need an extra kick of motivation to write on a daily basis.  So at heart this is a selfish endeavor.  Ideally I would love for people to come to this site and read what I have to say and find it thought provoking, interesting, or at least enjoyable and possibly amusing.

So here’s a deal I’m going to make with myself and any of you potential readers out there.  I’m going to post something every Monday and Friday.  Ideally I’ll post something new, but I will allow myself to be lazy on the Friday posts.  On Friday’s when I’m being lazy I will be posting poems, short stories or random stream of consciousness that I have previously written over the short span of my life.  I may or may not label these posts as past works.

My hopes for my new posts, my new material are as follows.  I will sometimes post poetry, other times I might just post a rant on a given subject.  Periodically,I will post articles that have been researched.  The point is that I am not going to limit myself on these entries.

I have also started recording podcasts with my friend Chris and we will be posting them on the site as well.  Hopefully after the first few we can get them on Itunes, but until then you can access them right here at Brandoyd.com.

Well that’s all for my intro.

Hope you find this site enriching,


Author: Brandon Fischer

University of Texas graduate and beer lover.

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