Old Poetry

Unopened Eyes

I look at the world through unopened eyes
The darkness abiding, Can’t see my demise
I’m an unintelligible individual, All of us are
We go through this life, All alone as we are

You long for connection, long for someone to know you
You try love through sex, but bodily pleasure does not help you
In complete isolation you live.  The world’s like a movie
So unreal it seems,
But how would you know,
You don’t even know what real is.

I look at you, you look at me.
But do we really see each other?
That surely cannot be.
How could we possible see or know
the inner workings of each other’s soul;
The very delicate intricacies of our very minds?

You can never know, None shall ever know!
For this world, this life, is one of total separation and lies.

–Inspired by Leo Tolstoy’s “The Death of Ivan Ilyich”


You are there
I am here
What is it that stands between us?

Though a foot away
It’s clear as day
There’s a boundless void between us

Is it you?
That can’t be true
It’s something I’ve done that separates us

It pains me so
though I do not know
Why I keep this wall between us

A scared little boy
I can not destroy
the Barricade that divides us.

This is the end
I’ve lost my love, my one true friend
I’ve finally gone and killed us.

Author: Brandon Fischer

University of Texas graduate and beer lover.

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