As yet Unresolved questions. . .

I did some calculations the other evening.
(I am no scientist and I obtained all of my info from the internet, just a disclaimer.)

What I was able to decipher is that a gold atom inside a human body is a general comparison to the size of our solar system in the universe.
In other words if the universe were a human body our solar system would be the size of a gold atom in that body, give or take a decimal place.

Given this,
How do we determine value of human life or life in general?

How do we reckon ourselves in regards to the immensity of the universe?
What does all of that mean. . . ?

There is an infinite abyss inside and out of us.
The infinity of diminution abides in parallel with the infinity of enormity.
We place ourselves in the middle as we are unable to comprehend anything else.

The gulf that lies between what we know and what there is to know is boundless in all directions, in all dimensions.
We have no understanding of the beyond microscopic and even less of the vast expanse.
Where and how do we begin to determine meaning or purpose in a gulf of ignorance we cannot extricate ourselves from?

I know you believe in God.
I do not want to deny or affirm an existence of god.
I do not want to get into that debate.
All I ask is that you help me work out a hypothetical for you and an as yet unresolved question for me.

Grant me the premise, “there is no god.”

Starting from this premise, how to we determine a foundation for morals and ethics?

What makes a human life special and valuable?
Now I understand if you believe in the monotheistic conception of God, which at least half the human population believes in, that you as an individual have a special value and worth because this God loves you, and if God loves you than you must have value.  Also if god loves you and this god also loves every human in the same manner than it follows that you should treat all others with the love and respect that God has for them.

If there is no God, then how do we determine value and worth for anything?
Why do we determine life to be so sacred?

– –

The more I learn the more I begin to believe that this life is all we have.  While our energy or soul or spark of life may pass on, “Brandon” my self and all my memories pass away along with my physical body.  It’s not very reassuring but that seems to me to be the most logical answer.

– – –

a sense of sadness alludes me
the dull monotony of life
permeates me

Joys come
Fears persist
Pain, agony, stress
These three rise and fall

Come to me sweet bliss
Felt for just a passing moment
To live inside that one perfect moment
Only perfect because I believe it to be

Is belief the foundation for happiness?
What is happiness?
It’s pursuit, free to all those who want it?

What is needed to pursue happiness?

Author: Brandon Fischer

University of Texas graduate and beer lover.

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