One thought on “Inception review and other randomness”

  1. Good stuff guys. One rebuttal to Brandon’s comment on eliminating all religious mention from the Ground Zero region: I certainly understand where you are coming from, but getting rid of all faith-based ministries (hospitals, shelters, soup kitchens etc.) would be a bit much. While all memorials at Ground Zero will serve (for some) to be a reminder of the evils of organized religion, I believe that faith-based ministries in the area should serve as rebuttal, to remind us all of the GOOD of organized religion. And in that light, the people behind the proposed Islamic center probably feel a duty to help the community in any way they can. The “divine command” to eliminate infidels is nebulous at best; the divine command to help the poor, the sick, the hungry, the naked, the imprisoned and the lonely is clear, in any religion.


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