High School Poetry

There’s someone sitting in this room,
sitting next to me though she feels not the impending doom.

It comes from the sky;
unseen by the eye.

The music plays blocking the subtle noise
In the darkness it keeps it’s poise.

The swirling winds being to grow,
the radio no longer blocks out the blow.

The horrible scream, such a high pitched siren
It makes the strong turn to cryin.

It blows apart the buildings,
the ones inside so scared their bodies are a trembling.

It leaves as quickly as it came,
things no longer the same.

Time now for us to repair,
to be destroyed again by nature,
as we live by nature’s care.


– –

He speaks out loud though I pay no attention
I drown him out with no use of invention.

He speaks words of wisdom and I wish I did care
But sometimes his wit is just too much to bear

My ear catches some words that spark my attention
But it being seventh period my body falls into dissension.

I write these useless words not knowing my intention.
I wish I were more creative but I just use this classic rhyming convention.

– –

Beauty beyond mere Beauty’s words
The black and the blue merge into a purplish hue.

“How sweet and pure they look today”
If you give them a chance
I’m sure that’s what you’ll say.

With their wonderful dyes
They cover the skies
Theses bearers of rain
come swiftly from the plains.

How quickly they come
to be replaced by the sun.

Some may say
“They ruin my day”
But if you gander at them for awhile
They can bring a nice happy smile.

Author: Brandon Fischer

University of Texas graduate and beer lover.

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