Who is Brandon Fischer?

My name is Brandon Fischer.

Where does Brandoyd come from?  Well in High School I was obsessed with Pink Floyd.  So obsessed, I wanted to merge my name with the band name.  I came up with two iterations: “Brandoyd” and “Pink don.”  I liked Brandoyd better, and have stuck with it ever since.  I can be very stubborn.

So that is why I have Brandoyd.com and the Twitter handle @Brandoyd.

This site is an area where I can spout gibberish, poetry, random thoughts, and the way sports impact my life.  I have material from years ago on here, and hope to post new material on a regular basis.

I am co-founder of 365 Brew, a beer blog with the motto “Drink a Beer.  Write about it.”  You can read all about my thoughts on different beers and check out plenty of beer photos there.


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