All Alone

As has been well documented the Kansas City Chiefs lost to the Colts 44-45 on Saturday January 4th, 2014.  As a Chiefs fan this was a heartbreaking loss.  I had to work from 2-10pm that Saturday night.  I turned off all score alerts, all text messages, any and all notifications that I might receive via my cell phone about the game.  I told my family and friends to not tell me anything about the game.  I was going to watch it that night on NFL Game Rewind.  I had only 2 hours left to go in my shift when I saw a customer with a KC beanie walk in.  My heart plummeted.  Continue reading “All Alone”

The Mamba is Human

This week is the last week of the 2012-2013 NBA regular season. The Los Angeles Lakers were able to scrap together a push to the playoffs, and with some help from a free falling Jazz team, they snagged the 7th seed. The Lakers are now in the playoffs but, they have no chance to win even a series, let alone the title*. As shortly as 10 days ago, you could have made a case that the Lakers were starting to gel, that they could put together a run, once they reached the playoffs. This case hinged on Kobe Bryant. Continue reading “The Mamba is Human”

Opening Day

Cold, it was very cold today.  Not extreme winter cold, but for a Texas boy, this April Fool’s day in Illinois was fucking cold.  It was a good turn out, eight of us bundled in long sleeve shirts, sweaters and jackets.  It’s called layering, a term I was quickly learning.  The course was set up and with a crack of mallet against ball the season began.

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Politics as Sport

I grow weary of passive entertainment
I wish to be a participant and actor
In whatever this thing called life is

What do I have to offer this world in terms
Of creative or intellectual improvement?

Are the successful voices of our day
Just preaching to the choir of their congregation

Reinforcing an already agreed upon faith or agenda

Are we just providing each other with more and more
Ammunition to defeat the other guys, the other team
The idiots, the crazies, the dolts who can’t see “the truth”
Or better put “our truth” Continue reading “Politics as Sport”

Football Season

Football season is now completely upon us, after tonight every NFL team will have played a regular season game, the only ones that really matter.  (I think they should do away with 2 preseason games at least and keep the regular season to 16 games.  Just to state my two cents in regards to the upcoming labor talks.)  I haven’t done the research but I think it is safe to say that every college football team has played a game at this point, as well.

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