High School Poetry

There’s someone sitting in this room,
sitting next to me though she feels not the impending doom.

It comes from the sky;
unseen by the eye.

The music plays blocking the subtle noise
In the darkness it keeps it’s poise.

The swirling winds being to grow,
the radio no longer blocks out the blow.

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A brief burst of thoughts

Since 1980, the only Western Conference teams to win the NBA Finals have been the Los Angeles Lakers or a team from Texas.

The paradox of wisdom is that you are aware that you know more than you used to and yet you are also aware that you know less than you think you know.

A mind is a terrible think to waste, but it sure is fun to get it wasted. . . (Cricket chirp…cricket chirp).

Father’s Day

I have a fear, a quite overwhelming fear, of having children.
It seems like the risks and sufferings far outweigh the rewards.

My initial thought was to ask my parents about this topic.
Upon further reflection it seems ridiculous to ask an originator of my existence to objectively discuss the merits and pains that occur with the raising of offspring.

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