Eye Contact

A loud crack split through the low murmur of the coffee shop.  She had momentarily lost her grip upon the mug and it had dropped straight down shattering bits of ceramic across the floor.  To her great relief the mug had been vacant of the scalding hot agent of morning need, which moments later it would have contained, as it slipped from her hand.  It was her first week and this was her first casualty of the learning curve.  She quickly searched for a broom and a dustpan.

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She enters through the side door and makes her way to a couch against the wall. She sits, pulls out her laptop and begins to work on her paper. “But no no, this is not comfortable, in order for me to properly work on this I need a better seat,” she thinks. So she gathers her things and arises and moves to a cushy comfy olive colored loveseat. She reaches out and pulls the coffee table placed in front of her closer to herself, mildly disturbing someone whose coffee was already resting on the table. In her quest to find the perfect place to produce her paper she is unaware of her disturbance of others.

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Politics as Sport

I grow weary of passive entertainment
I wish to be a participant and actor
In whatever this thing called life is

What do I have to offer this world in terms
Of creative or intellectual improvement?

Are the successful voices of our day
Just preaching to the choir of their congregation

Reinforcing an already agreed upon faith or agenda

Are we just providing each other with more and more
Ammunition to defeat the other guys, the other team
The idiots, the crazies, the dolts who can’t see “the truth”
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As yet Unresolved questions. . .

I did some calculations the other evening.
(I am no scientist and I obtained all of my info from the internet, just a disclaimer.)

What I was able to decipher is that a gold atom inside a human body is a general comparison to the size of our solar system in the universe.
In other words if the universe were a human body our solar system would be the size of a gold atom in that body, give or take a decimal place.

Given this,
How do we determine value of human life or life in general?

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Football Season

Football season is now completely upon us, after tonight every NFL team will have played a regular season game, the only ones that really matter.  (I think they should do away with 2 preseason games at least and keep the regular season to 16 games.  Just to state my two cents in regards to the upcoming labor talks.)  I haven’t done the research but I think it is safe to say that every college football team has played a game at this point, as well.

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Know Thyself

“Know thyself”  – Socrates

Is this an attainable goal?
Is it a constant process until the sweet release of death?

The moment you reach a place where you feel you have attained the goal, is usually a precursor to a great upheaval in one’s life in which everything you though you knew about yourself is brought into question.  Or so it has been in my life.

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