Know Thyself

“Know thyself”  – Socrates

Is this an attainable goal?
Is it a constant process until the sweet release of death?

The moment you reach a place where you feel you have attained the goal, is usually a precursor to a great upheaval in one’s life in which everything you though you knew about yourself is brought into question.  Or so it has been in my life.

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Death of a Cousin

What does it say about myself, that for all intents and purposes my cousin Jeff’s death has not really affected me, at all?

Yes he was family, but I only meet the guy a handful of times, mostly when I was very young, and I never really knew the guy.  I’m not sad and my only real concern is for my mom and those others in the family who have actually been affected by this death.  I feel like I’m in a Seinfeld episode.

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