The Mamba is Human

This week is the last week of the 2012-2013 NBA regular season. The Los Angeles Lakers were able to scrap together a push to the playoffs, and with some help from a free falling Jazz team, they snagged the 7th seed. The Lakers are now in the playoffs but, they have no chance to win even a series, let alone the title*. As shortly as 10 days ago, you could have made a case that the Lakers were starting to gel, that they could put together a run, once they reached the playoffs. This case hinged on Kobe Bryant. Continue reading “The Mamba is Human”

A brief burst of thoughts

Since 1980, the only Western Conference teams to win the NBA Finals have been the Los Angeles Lakers or a team from Texas.

The paradox of wisdom is that you are aware that you know more than you used to and yet you are also aware that you know less than you think you know.

A mind is a terrible think to waste, but it sure is fun to get it wasted. . . (Cricket chirp…cricket chirp).